Artist Spotlight: House Music Vocalist Peyton

Spotlight on Peyton: A soulful, House music vocalist, writer and performer who has created and upheld his legendary position in the House music genre for over the past decade.

Like his bio says, Peyton began his singing career in the church, which heavily influenced his earlier work and continues to do so. In an interview with Think In Electronic last October, he states that despite his break from the religious aspect of gospel music, he still “writes songs that are spiritual and uplifting and sound like gospel.” This sound, intertwined with the house beats, has allowed him to create a distinctive voice unique only to him. As his career progressed, so did his vocals and sound, but only in a way that made a space for him amongst the greats. Peyton’s vocals and amazing songwriting adds an element to the genre that enraptures the listener in every word. While many of the House artists we are familiar with are the ones producing and DJ-ing, Peyton is the voice that rounds out the sound and brings the music to its full potential.

When DJ Mark Doyle matched him with a man of many hats–producer, songwriter and remixer–Eric Kupper, who has worked with artists across genres the likes of Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Shakira and Korn, it was a match made in House music heaven, as the two produced his debut album. From there, Peyton went on to begin his reign as a House music staple traveling the world and performing at a variety of venues and countries including his current residency as vocalist for the Blue Marlin in Ibiza, Spain.



From releasing his debut hit “A Higher Place” on Mark Doyle’s  Hed Kandi, working and performing with Fierce Angel and releasing on other well-known labels such as Matinee Group with Carlos Gallardo and Hysteria Records where he released “Beautiful” with Director’s Cut (Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper), Peyton not only has solid albums under his belt, but a large number of chart-topping tracks in collaboration with the genre’s most notable musicians from all over the world: the late Frankie Knuckles, who is known as the Godfather of House Music and a pioneer in the Chicago house music scene, the Freemasons, an English-Irish DJ band and Egyptian-duo Fahmy and Samba to name a few.

His Gospel, Funky and Beach House club anthems, along with his passionate and positive attitude, has made him an amazing artist that is able to captivate his audiences either in clubs or in the comfort of their homes. The first decade of his career was a testament of his hard work and talent that made him sought after by House music legends, and 2014’s summer ended with a 13-track gift by the name of Beach House Sessions that he called a keepsake memory for those who partied with him in Ibiza. We can only hope for another gift to bless our ears as this seasons’ Blue Marlin residency and summer comes to a close.


Listen to a Decade in Peyton’s House Below!

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