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Dance One now on FRESH FM 99.5 in Dublin Ireland
Dance One now on FRESH FM 99.5 in Dublin Ireland

Dance One now on FRESH FM 99.5 in Dublin Ireland

Fresh FM 99.5 Dublin IrelandDance One Radio

San Francisco and  Dublin rocking together

We are so excited to announce that the Dance One is also broadcasting live in the City of Dublin Ireland. This is an awesome extension to our official San Francisco based studio. This expansion will offer Dance One and Fresh FM broader listener base.

Fresh FM 99.5

With the unbearable sound of the world’s best dance station. Dance One Radio.

We had been searching for months to choose the most likable source of dance music to join to our FM broadcast station right here in Dublin city. Therefore the reason, we chose dance one radio was simple. Its current always fresh uplifting creative stream. Nothing like any other we have had been checking out.

We’d really hoped that we could get approved by the D1 radio’s management to use it as a live stream here on the FM band across Dublin Ireland and surrounding areas. We greatly appreciate the help and support we have from the team at Dance One.

Personally, I have Dance One live all day 7 days a week. It has really taken up a residency here and may it continue to be alongside FRESH FM 99.5 DUBLIN. So if you’re in Dublin city for anything in your travels be sure to tune in and lock on the FM dial of 99.5 MHz in your home, car or mobile app player. Said Philip Dixon the station manager at Fresh FM.

First ever on the mobile

Dance One started its journey in April 2004 when there were no smartphones or iPhones. Later in 2006, the radio was chosen among the 100s radio stations around the world to be the first radio on the first-ever mobile app back in those days the Damian operating system. This integration plummeted radio listeners to the skies.

Dance One Radio

The radio station is operating commercial free. The music only with many shows from renowned DJs from around the world. There are many Dance and EDM radio stations around the world. But we believe that we are one of the best out there. Working hard every day to be able to deliver the top-notch dance music. We believe that this cooperation will be beneficial in many aspects but mostly that we can spread this great music to this type of music lovers. And now even more accessible via terrestrial FM radio in Dublin. Dublin is a great city and their citizens know what the good quality dance music is. We cannot be more excited. Said Mario Rybansky the EP of Operations at Dance One Radio.

Dance One will be live on Fresh FM daily from noon till 11 PM besides its every day’s old house music.

Tune in to Dance One Radio’s live stream here.

Next time when you are in Dublin, don’t forget to tune in to 99.5 FRESH FM.

-Howard Deen

Head of Production

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