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#InternationalDanceDay: Humpday Playlist: Vol. 1

#InternationalDanceDay: Humpday Playlist: Vol. 1

On this humpday we celebrate International Dance Day, and what better way to do it than to launch the Humpday Playlist! Every Wednesday there will be a playlist that features known and unknown artists, DJs and producers, who display their music on SoundCloud, Twitter and other social media, and use their talents to bring you to your feet from the office to your bedroom and every place in between.

This week’s playlist features:

Cole Ingram


VT- The Different

Ashe 3.0

DeadTrance DT

Andru Ballota

Mind Void

TheDJLawyer Official



Alex V. Pavlovitch

Emrik Wilzon


Niky Rhyay


Electro Kiid

Listen below and leave suggestions in the comment box if there’s an artist out there that YOU think should be featured!


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