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NEW MUSIC MONDAYS: Eric Prydz- Opus (Four Tet Remix)

NEW MUSIC MONDAYS: Eric Prydz- Opus (Four Tet Remix)

After a tweet sent from electronic musician Kieran Hebdan, or Four Tet, a few months ago asking Eric Prydz if he could remix his song “Opus,” the public has finally been granted access to the fruits of that tweet’s labor.

Four Tet released his remix on YouTube a few days ago and it has been making its rounds on the internet with positive reviews. The English artist is no stranger to the industry having first signed with a record label at the age of 15 along with two of his classmates for their band, Fridge. Since then he has remixed tracks from notable artists including Sia and Black Sabbath, and his musical style continues to be influenced by a variety of genres including Hip-Hop, Folk and most recently House.

Check out his remix below and tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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