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NEW MUSIC MONDAYS: Kolsch – Moonface

NEW MUSIC MONDAYS: Kolsch – Moonface

Even though it released last Monday on the German, independent record label, Kompakt, Rune Reilly Kolsch’s “Moonface” is a solid Techno track that I think is the perfect sound to start your week.

Kolsch, from Denmark, has released a number of tracks since he began producing in 1995 under the names of Rune RK, ENUR, Artificial Funk and Ink and Needle, and he specializes in House and Techno. He has also worked with a number of artists across genres including Nicki Minaj and Coldplay.

The track, Moonface, is on his new album 1983, which comes as a follow-up to his album 1977 released in 2013. 


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