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Humpday Playlist Vol. 3: Remixes

Humpday Playlist Vol. 3: Remixes

Luca Lush-image taken from Soundcloud
Luca Lush-image taken from Soundcloud

One of the best things about House music, Dubstep, Trance, Drum and Bass, and all EDM genres are the remixes. A producer’s and DJ’s ability to take a song we already know and love and create a completely new sound and feel–especially across genres–is a sure-fire way to showcase their creative ability and talent. Think about all the songs you have loved that have been remixed into something you loved even more. This week’s Humpday Playlist is dedicated to those songs and highlights some of the best and hype remixes heard on SoundCloud this week. As usual, they’ll get your mind off the rest of the week and right into the weekend!


Featured artists:

Lost Kings

Ghastly & Fawks



Luca Lush

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