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Who cares if we’re at opposite ends of the earth, as long as we’re connected through music? KEXP Radio and the OFF Festival Katowice are launching a collaborative project.

The city of Seattle, in Washington state, is at the heart of alternative music. Not just because it’s home to the legendary Sub Pop Records, long-time friends of the OFF Festival, but also thanks to KEXP, a local radio station with a worldwide audience. While the internet is certainly an important factor in their global reach (KEXP pioneered online radio and remains miles ahead of other music stations), the Seattle broadcaster has also stayed true to its mission to find and promote new and interesting sounds. KEXP has helped usher many new bands onto the American scene: the recent influx of new Icelandic music is just one example.

The OFF Festival shares the same mission: to discover and showcase interesting music with no regard for its home country or genre. That has been the festival’s modus operandi since its inception, and for our faithful audiences, it’s been a promise of the highest quality and a great adventure.

We have so much in common that the partnership between the OFF Festival and KEXP was a natural step forward for both sides. This August, at the 10th anniversary edition of the festival, for the first time ever, we will be hosting the KEXP crew as they come to Katowice to cover the event for listeners around the world and to record their famous live sessions, which will also include performances by Polish artists.

“KEXP is thrilled to partner with the OFF festival in 2015, a beautifully curated festival featuring some of the best Polish bands alongside legends like Patti Smith and Ride, and newer projects like Run the Jewels. KEXP exists to help people discover the greatest music being made. We look forward to sharing some of the amazing artists from Poland and beyond with the KEXP audience worldwide,” says KEXP program director Kevin Cole.

“It’s a great privilege to be the second European music festival, after Iceland Airways, to partner with KEXP, and it confirms my belief that we’ve been heading in the right direction for the past ten years. It’s great to continue down that road in such excellent company. But, KEXP’s presence at the OFF Festival is also an enormous opportunity for Polish artists, who will have a chance to reach out from Katowice to audiences all over the world,” adds OFF Festival program director Artur Rojek.

OFF Festival 2015 Tickets
Tickets are now available for 200 PLN at the OFF Shop, www.offshop.pl.
The price of a camping spot is 60 PLN, with an additional night (August 6/7) for 20 PLN

Tickets for OFF Festival and Festival Village camping spot passes available at OFF SHOP www.offshop.pl and See Tickets www.seetickets.com

Festival passes, packages incl. camping spot and hotels at www.festicket.com

About OFF Festival:
A truly unique boutique music festival, OFF Festival takes place annually in August in ‘Three Lake Valley’, Katowice – a beautiful green oasis in the heart of industrial Silesia. OFF Festival is a way of life, one that flies in the face of current trends and stays true to itself, and the ethos of organiser Artur Rojek is firmly aimed at supporting art and music with the festival bringing many acts to Poland for the first time.

Growing in prominence year on year with this years event promising one of the strongest line-ups to date in line with Rojek’s forward-thinking, eclectic music policy. From the greatest alternative music stars from around the world to showcasing artists from the increasingly strong Polish scene, OFF has inspiring music in abundance.

Over the years, OFF has amassed its own demanding yet appreciative audience who come to witness Artur Rojek’s musical vision come to fruition. Having gained a well deserved reputation in Poland and abroad, it’s not without reason that it has been said and written that OFF is the best alternative festival in this part of Europe and the only place east of Berlin where one can catch a glimpse of the boldest and eclectic acts on stages worldwide.

As well as music, OFF features a number of accompanying events such as film, art, performance and poetry. It’s also an event which keeps the environment in mind – all food and drinks come in environmentally-friendly packaging and there is a big emphasis on recycling. It’s a completely safe place, an event where diverse tastes and appearances are welcomed and where everyone is the same because everyone is different.

Check out the festival website: http://off-festival.pl/

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