Robbie Rivera Talks His New Track “A World Without You” with Dance One Radio

ROBBIE_RIVERAOn November 16th, Robbie Rivera is releasing a remix package along with his original mix of “A World Without You” featuring StoneBridge and Denise Rivera. The Miami-based DJ and producer answered some questions from us about the upcoming release on his label Juicy Music:

DOR: What inspired this collaboration with StoneBridge?

RR: I have known StoneBridge’s music since the mid 90’s and have massive respect for him. After meeting him in Miami during my event Juicy Beach and listening to him perform, I wanted to work with him.  Not only is he a great producer and songwriter, he is a really nice guy! This helps as I cannot work with many producers and their egos.  For “A World Without You,” I had the main idea and vocals ready but wanted to give it a new feel. I like to experiment on my releases so I asked Stone if he wanted to finish the track and release it as a collaboration and he agreed.   

DOR: How was it getting remixes from very different DJs with different sounds? Being that you’ve been DJing for quite some time, does hearing your work interpreted in these different ways still blow you away each time?

RR: I always like getting remixes on all my singles because for me it is a lot of fun to listen to another producer’s vibe.  For this project I asked two friends of mine–Roger Sanchez aka S-Man and Benny Benassi — and I must say they killed their remixes! Roger’s dub is dark, moody and sexy and Benny’s remix is big room, keeping with a house vibe.  I also had Italian producer Less Hate remix it and he delivered a great deeper mix with intelligent use of the vocals.  Getting these remixes was fairly easy as I know them personally and yes, it blows my mind hearing remixes of my tunes.

DOR: Denise Rivera is also a very well known singer, especially in Trance, what made you choose her vocals for this House track?

RR: Denise Rivera is a singer of many styles not only trance. If you go listen to my early work you will find a track called “Back to Zero”. This was one of my biggest hits and she was also the singer.  It was a pleasure working with her again. I chose her because it had been a while since we worked together and her voice is unique.

Photodr-0948DOR: Do you still try to incorporate Latin elements in your tracks, specifically in “A World Without You?”

RR: On the original version with StoneBridge we kept it on a house vibe but on the Juicy Dub that I produced I did incorporate Latin percussion and horns. 

DOR:Both the original mix and the remixes have been getting a lot of traction and positive feedback in the dance music world, what impact did you want or expect this track to make amongst the current music being released?

RR:We sent out the release as a promo to many DJs around the globe before the release date and I must say I am very happy with the current feedback. It is always great to have people from across the board supporting and my goal was this. Support from commercial EDM Djs to tech house DJs — it’s the perfect blend.

DOR: Can we expect future collaborations with either artists on your label Juicy Music?

RR: I have a new artist album coming early next year that has more collaborations with other artists. I will be getting StoneBridge to remix one of my new singles as he is awesome.