Axtone Presents: Axwell | live tomorrow Sunday at 8:00PM PST

Axtone Presents: Axwell Smörgåsbord Smörgåsbord:noun|Swedish|smor∙gas∙bord|ˈsmȯrgәs bȯrd. A wide range of something; a variety. Axwell’s first smörgåsbord mix featuring his long awaiting single ‘Belong’,with future rave front man Shapov. Listeners will note Axwell’s exclusive IDs and fluidity of genres as the Axtone label boss shows us his very own smörgåsbord. -Axwell _______________________________________________________________________________________ http://facebook.com/axwellingrosso http://twitter.com/axwell http://instagram.com/axwell http://soundcloud.com/axwellAxtone …

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